Generating Interfaces from entity framework database first auto-generated code

I am using MVC3, C# 4.0 and Entity Framework in Visual Studio 2010. I am generating my edmx and Designed.cs files from a database. I am then generating interfaces from the entities in the Designer.cs file as part of my nLayer structure.

The original code is

public partial class DataEntrySummary : EntityObject

which then becomes

public partial class DataEntrySummary : EntityObject, Mb.Interface.IDataEntrySummary

My concern is that when the database changes (and it will) and I regenerate the edmx files I will lose all the interface definitions.

Is there a better way of achieving the same result without having to regenerate the interfaces.

Thank you


EF generates the classes with the partial keyword so that you can add extra functionality to the entities by creating another file and place the interface specific stuff there.

public partial class DataEntrySummary : Mb.Interface.IDataEntrySummary

These files will not get affected when EF updates the model.

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