How to use \b or ^ alongwith pattern to replace complete word?

I am trying to use regex for replacement of words, but instead of complete words even words in between sentences are getting replaced.

prepos = ['has','had','have','is','you']
prepo = re.compile('|'.join(prepos))

# x["text"] - contains text with sentences in english

twete = re.sub(prepo,' ',x["text"])

output: replaces subwords as well i want to subsitute complete word ocurrences only. How can I use ^ or \b in this case?


import re
p = re.compile(r"\b(foo|bar|baz)\b")
p.sub("---", "foo XfooX bar YbarY baz ZbazZ")
# => '--- XfooX --- YbarY --- ZbazZ'


If you want to join the regex:

prepos = ["foo", "bar", "baz"]
p = re.compile(r"\b(" + "|".join(prepos) + r")\b")
p.sub("---", "foo XfooX bar YbarY baz ZbazZ")
# => '--- XfooX --- YbarY --- ZbazZ'

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