Join two SQLite tables in android application

I need to join two tables into a relational table. I know that i can do this with inner join but i don't know how to start.











Now i need to join this two in on unic table by the id's of each.




I have 1 id_Quota to n id's_Socio. It's a relation 1-n. I have an array list with the set od id_Socio that i need to save in relational table with only one id_Quota.

Any ideias? How i can start with inner join? Foreign key it's need? Any example?

Thank you for your help


SELECT, t1. phone,
        t2.description, t2.value
        INNER JOIN RELATIONALTABLE r ON t1.Id = r.id_Socio
        INNER JOIN TABLE_QUOTA t1 ON t2.Id = r.id_Quota

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