Escaping function wiping all data from text fields/areas

I am attempting to replace ' with '' for error reasons within MSSQL queries. I understand that it could be more secure, I am just learning and they will get more secure.

So I used str_replace. and did this.

$dbTABLE = "Table_Name";
$query_sql = sprintf("UPDATE %s SET PageHTML = ('%s') WHERE PageID = '%d'",

Worked fine, but for consistency and ease of use I want to write a function I could just include in all pages. Function looks like this:

 function SQLencode($svalue) {



and implemented like this:


However this just wipes all data from the query, I don't understand why. All my data is just blank afterwards. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?


You need to return the value from the function SQLencode(..).

function SQLencode($svalue) {
    return str_replace("'","''",$svalue);

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