How to access the SubClass features in MainClass?

About this problem my previous question is that. How to Access Multiple Classes data in One MainClass? Now to make my problem more clear i provide source code here SourceCode. As my source Code show i declare all the classes in my mainclass and my coding is in my mainclass.But i want to place all my mainclass code to its related class that i create in my application.For Exp Code related to first Class i want to place all there and Code related to Second Class place in Second Class.Now problem for me is that if i place all code to its related Classes then how we can access these Classes.Any Help will be appriated?


If you are adding the tables, views in the main class/controller. Then create all other objects with in that as subclass a table/views and from xib change the class name.

The sample one i have made the changes for first view & second view as subclass of UIView.

And the animations which you made in main class, i have made it from the first-class or second-class by passing the required views/objects to perform that function.

Check out the changes i have made.

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