SSL: Insecure Content IE

I'm currently building a website for our business, where the website is expected to work perfectly, even back to the earlier IEs down to 7.


The page does not load any insecure content in Chrome, but I can see in IE that there is a GET param sent to, which in turn redirects to

I have no idea where I've specified this. I tried deleting scripts, checking the css, debugging with IE's own debugging tool and in HttpWatch Studio. I can't find the offending piece of code.

Are there any particular gotchas in IE that might trigger this warning?


Your HTML source contains the line

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>

which makes the browser try to fetch the URL However, this URL doesn't actually return any JavaScript code like you'd expect it to, but instead redirects to

The fact that you later load another, working copy of jQuery from another URL hides this problem.

I would suggest either of the following solutions:

  • Remove the broken jQuery URL from the page.
  • Put an actual copy of jQuery at that URL so that it works (and remove the other, now redundant copy from the page).

I'd also suggest configuring your webserver so that it doesn't redirect from HTTPS to HTTP URLs, as that may violate the user's security expectations in general.

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