awk embedded script issue (unexpected character '\')

I use an embedded awk code in a shell script:

I have some variable assignments at the BEGIN part of it:

BEGIN { FS=","; OFS=","; service_not="false"; end_of_line="\n"; is_setup_gps="false"; \
  a=6378137.0 ; \
  b=6356752.3142 ; \
  f=(a-b)/a ; \
  e=sqrt(f*(2-f)) ; \
} \

So I need '\' at the end of each line (to have an entire awk script embedded in .sh).

BUT: for the lines: a=...; b=...; f=...; the '\' causing errors...: mawk: 57: unexpected character '\'


UPD: Embedding of awk in the bash script:

 ... all shell commands ...
 mawk '... ; \
 ... ; \
 ... ; \
 ' file_to_parse


The quotes around the AWK script protect the newlines. No backslashes are necessary within them.

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