SQLite in VS 2012

Ok, spent too much time banging my head with this :)

I need to persist small (under 1000) collection of items between sessions on windows without using full database server. Items are simple objects with dozen or so string properties. Database/collection/whatever should be stored in a single file that can be created through code in runtime.

Started with SQL server CE then switched to SQLite but now I'm told Entity is a way to go. I don't mind learning Entity, but seems like too much of an overhead for a simple storage.

What should I do? (if anyone still actually codes windows small databases)

  1. Ditch Entity and access SQLite directly through commands.
  2. Use Entity with SQLite (Would appreciate link on proper way to create databases at runtime tho)
  3. Ditch the whole concept of database (I put this one in because, before, every book had a chapter on databases, now I don't have a single book that mention it. Also not much new stuff on Internet either, so people might moved on to some other concept)



Sound like structured textual data - dozen or so string properties.

I would use XML

XDocument Class

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