Append option values to a hidden field?

With the push of a button, I'm iterating through a list of options in a select. I wish to append all of these option (values of the options) to a hidden fields, separated by a pipe |. So far I've come up with this, however, It just puts the last value of the option in the select in the hidden field?

//Select all cities
$jq("input#checkcities").click(function () {

    $jq(".select-cities > option").each(function () {
        var zipCodeValue = $jq(this).val();

        $jq(".select-cities option").attr("selected", "selected");
        $jq(".select-cities option").appendTo(".chosen-cities");

        //Put value of cities in hidden field.



Try like this

$jq('.hiddenFieldChosenCities').val($jq('.hiddenFieldChosenCities').val() + '|' + zipCodeValue);

You can use map method:

var zipCodeValues = $jq(".select-cities > option").map(function () {
                          return this.value;


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