using c# class files from another website on the same server

hopefully this is a quick one. If I have c# class files on - can I reference them in Both sites are on the same server, so I was hoping to reference them on a static address? (d:/inetpub/wwwroot/websiteA-com/app_code/MyClass.cs)

Is this possible? Or - do I have to copy the class file to and simply use that?

I just want to avoid repetition when I need to make any changes - avoiding changing both sites.

I've built both sites in .net 4 using visual studio 2010 express.



If I were you, I would take all the classes needed by both websites and create a Class Library Project (DLL). Then reference that project in each website and use the classes. This means each site will be deployed with the same DLL but you will have a single project for common classes.

Hope this helps (I know it's not strictly the answer)

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