Create control dates in bilateral case crossover design

I am planning to study the effects of air pollution on emergency room visit and I intend to use a bilateral case crossover design. For each case (hospital visit) I would like to create 4 control dates (7 and 14 days before and after the visit). For instance, if a person visits a clinic on September 10, 2012 my controls will be Aug 27, Sep 03, Sep 17 and Sep 24. The following example illustrates what I have and what I want to achieve.

Any thought on how to undertake this in SAS, Stata or R would be highly appreciated

Sample data (all are visit dates)

id  date  
1   04-jan-05
2   05-jan-05
3   05-jan-05
4   06-jan-05
5   06-feb-05

What I would like to achieve (for each id there is one case and 4 controls)

id  date        outcome
1   21-Dec-04   control
1   28-Dec-04   control
1   04-Jan-05   case
1   11-Jan-05   control
1   18-Jan-05   control
2   22-Dec-04   control
2   29-Dec-04   control
2   05-Jan-05   case
2   12-Jan-05   control
2   19-Jan-05   control
3   22-Dec-04   control
3   29-Dec-04   control
3   05-Jan-05   case
3   12-Jan-05   control
3   19-Jan-05   control
4   23-Dec-04   control
4   30-Dec-04   control
4   06-Jan-05   case
4   13-Jan-05   control
4   20-Jan-05   control
5   23-Jan-05   control
5   30-Jan-05   control
5   06-Feb-05   case
5   13-Feb-05   control
5   20-Feb-05   control


A simple loop will produce the output you want.

data have;
input id  date :date10.;
format date date9.;
1   04-jan-05
2   05-jan-05
3   05-jan-05
4   06-jan-05
5   06-feb-05

data want (drop=i date rename=(date1=date));
set have;
format date1 date9.;
length outcome $8;
do i=-14 to 14 by 7;

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