How to write a for loop in Oracle sqlplus?

I'm trying to write a for loop in Oracle sqlplus interface. When writing the loop statement an pressing enter, I get an error:

SQL> for i in 1..10 loop
SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "for i in 1..." - rest of line ignored.

Is there something wrong with my for loop clause?


For loop is a PL/SQL construct. Try wrapping your PL/SQL in BEGIN/END block.

If you need to declare variables, start with a DECLARE. Something like this:

set serveroutput on
  for a in 1..10 loop
  end loop;

Hope that helps.

PS Note that set serveroutput on is a SQL*Plus command, and not part of PL/SQL. It just turns on output so you'll see the output from the dbms_output.put_line() function.

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