Does include_once for MySQL connection in 2 separate <?php ?> tags will connect only once?

In this case I use:

include_once 'connect.php'; # connect with MySQL database
# some PHP code

<!-- some HTML code -->

# here PHP code wants to use MySQL connection opened before

Should I even include_once in 2nd PHP tag?


You don't need to re-include a file if it's within the same request/page.

Also, using include_once will prevent you from including files that have already been included.

You're free to use again variables and connection previously included by your connect.php

The include_once statement includes and evaluates the specified file during the execution of the script. This is a behavior similar to the include statement, with the only difference being that if the code from a file has already been included, it will not be included again. As the name suggests, it will be included just once.

So if connect.php is included once it will not be included again

For example

     include(a.php)  //it will include a.php
     include(b.php)  //it will include b.php
     include(a.php)  //it will include a.php again

     include_once(a.php)  //it will include a.php
     include_once(b.php)  //it will include b.php
     include_once(a.php)  //does nothing

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