What is a cryptic call stack?

I have taken programming classes before but never had I heard about a cryptic call stack. What is it?


I'm assuming it's referring to a call stack that is outside of your code or where stack frames are missing. Breaking execution in a thread operated by the OS (ntdll.dll anyone?), or a crash resulting from undefined behavior (that happens outside your code) can lead to call stacks that you usually can't make sense of.

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What to use instead of div?


In the WHATWG HTML specification it says regarding to the div element that we must strive not to use the div element.

Why Rails autoload failed with the file is there?

ruby-on-rails ruby-on-rails-4 autoload grape

I am setting up Grape on Rails 4.1. I am putting it inside lib according to http://funonrails.com/2014/03/building-restful-api-using-grape-in-rails/ .

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