Oracle version of the Sql Server “sqlcmd.exe” tool to deploy .sql scripts

Microsoft Sql Server has a command line tool called sqlcmd.exe.

You can use it to deploy .sql scripts.

I have googled and binged and found many Oracle command line tools, but I have yet to find one that will deploy a sql package.

Here is a simple example:

sqlcmd.exe -i .\MySqlScript.sql -S "MySqlServerMachine\MyInstancenName"  -E -o ".\MyOutputLogFileName.txt"

The command line will run the file "MySqlScript.sql" against a Sql Server (Instance) named "MySqlServerMachine\MyInstancenName" using integrated security ("-E") and output the results to a file named "MyOutputLogFileName.txt".

Is there a Oracle version of this tool?


I found "oradim", but I don't think (or cannot location documentation) that would allow that to run a .sql script.



Based on parado's response, I found the below URL:


Yes, there is a sqlplus:

sqlplus user/pass@connect @scriptname

If you want output file, add to your script:

spool log.out

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