Servo Motor Controlled by an iOS device app

I'm trying to run a servo motor that supposed to receive data from an iPad app. Assume this servo motor is going to be used to commercially and can't use a computer to run the program. I have to use a processor that is pre programmed and use an normal power supply. The servo motor must be controlled wirelessly by an iPad device. The app can send data to the motor directly or use a server. I'm wondering what would be the possible ways for the servo motor to read the data from the server or from the iPad? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


It sounds like you're asking for something similar to this a project that I have been working on. It is on Android, but should at least provide a framework for what you're trying to accomplish.

Basic Communication:
[Android/IPad] <---Wifi (UDP)---> [WIFI Reciever] <---Serial ---> [Arduino]--->[Servo]

For a Wifi receiver, I am currently using a Linux laptop. I plan on moving to an OpenWRT access point in the near future though.

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