Is there a way to be notified in .NET when data changes in the Sql Server? Like an Event?

Is there a way to bind an event to Sql Server (specially Azure) so that, when there's new data in a table, for instance, my .NET process will be notified?

Another option that I tought about would be a Sql Server long polling query. That is, I execute a query but it does not return anything until there's something to return or when a timeout is reached.

To be more clear about my problem, I have a different threads in different instances of Windows Azure waiting for notifications. They must take action as soon as there is a new notification. I'd like not to keep them querying the database or the storage every 2 seconds.


Not in Azure. In box product you have Query Notifications and its derivatives (SqlNotificationRequest, SqlDependency and SqlCacheDependency), see The Mysterious Notification for details. You can use it as a LINQ wrapper with LinqToCache.

But Query Notifications are not supported on Azure. On Azure your application should notify whenever it updates the database, using Azure Queues.

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