How to do the opposite of StringBuilder append in Java?

What would be the opposite of:


I have a list and I am adding the name of the planet every time the user clicks on a checkbox, I want to remove the name from the savedPlanets if the checkbox is cleared


You can do following:


Ideally I would do a solution like following:

Set<String> selectedPlanets = new HashSet<String>();

selectedPlanets.add(planet.getDisplayName());        // Whenever a planet is selected
selectedPlanets.remove(planet.getDisplayName());     // Whenever a planet is removed 

// Prepare a String with all planets        
StringBuilder savedPlanets = new StringBuilder("");
for(String planetName : selectedPlanets ){
// Removing , from the end if any       
    finalValue = savedPlanets.substring(0, savedPlanets.length()-1);

// finalValue is what you are looking for

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