Timeout supported Multithreaded Web Request

If you are using it for simple purposes, WebClient is enough. Absence of Timeout you can inherit it and override it's GetWebRequest method easily:

protected override WebRequest GetWebRequest(Uri address)
    WebRequest request = base.GetWebRequest(address);
    request.Timeout = Timeout;
    return request;

If you are using it multithreaded way, you have to set MaxConnection by code or app.config: Improving performance of multithreaded HttpWebRequests in .NET

You can parallelize it easily also: Best practics for parallelize web crawler in .net 4.0

Maybe Microsoft created new HttpClient class for implemantation problems of WebClient (HttpWebRequest)

But it does not have Proxy,Gzip support.

For WebClient:

Setting up Timeout still useless in multithreaded implemantation!

Concurrency Limit on HttpWebRequest

So the question:

I need FastWebClient with proxy,timeout(working one),gzip support. I will use it with multiple proxies, so I definetely need multiple FastWebClient.

Or Helper:

FastWebHelper.DownloadString (string url,WebProxy proxy,int timeout)

Any idea ?


Sure. WebClient.DownloadStringAsync Method You would still need to create 1 WebClient instance per connection/request, as it's not stateless.

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