Migrate user groups and permissions in Django?

I've built an application that I want to move from my development server to my production server. In this application I have defined 3 custom groups in auth.group and each of those have specific permissions.

I've tried to dump the data from auth.group - it seems to include permissions ids as well. The problem is, those IDs don't match between my development environment and the production environment. It also seems there is a content_type_id in auth.permission that I don't know how it relates.

My question is, is there a way using dumpdata or something else, to migrate Groups and all of the related permissions for my application? I don't have a problem importing multiple fixtures on the production server, but I do want all of the groups to be set up without having to go through the UI and selecting the appropriate permissions for each group.


django.contrib.auth depends on django.contrib.contenttypes because auth.models.Permission.content_type is a ForeignKey(ContentType).

Solution: add ContentType in your data dump, ie. dumpdata with the following arguments: auth.group contenttypes.contenttype auth.permission

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