Uninstall AnkhSVN from VS2012

I want to remove AnkhSVN from my VS2010 install, but find that the Uninstall option is grayed out when I navigate to TOOLS*/Extensions and Updates.

Starting Visual Studio 2012 as Administrator and unselecting AnkhSVN as the source control provider did not enable the Uninstall option.

*I'm not shouting TOOLS, just trying to get in the spirit of the new UI :-)


AnkhSVN apparently cannot be disabled or uninstalled from within Visual Studio 2012.

Do the following instead:

  • Close all instances of Visual Studio.
  • Run the AnkhSVN uninstaller.

Note: I ran the uninstaller in Revo Uninstaller, and there were no left-over artifacts (files, registry entries).

After uninstalling AnkhSVN, you may find that some of your projects still have source control binding information in the .csproj file. I had a solution with 10 projects, and only 8 of them had this problem (all projects were controlled by AnkhSVN... not sure why not all had the issue). In that case, you will get the error:

The project 'X' is under source control. An error occurred registering this project with source control. It is recommended that you not make any changes to this project.

I was able to resolve this by editing the .csproj files in a text editor and removing the following lines:


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