Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0 Submenu Looks Messy on Responsive

I'm using Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.x and already able to use multilevel submenu as I apply here: Simple Multilevel Menu With Bootstrap 2.1.x.

But the problem arise when its collapse. The default view is expand all. This doesn't look good as the menu will cover the whole screen on iPhone.

I would like to know: is there any function to collapse all when the collapse menu button triggered? (The sub-menu should be open when user clicks it.)

Please let me know your thought about this. Thanks.


One way could be to add some responsive styles.

@media (max-width: 979px){
    .dropdown-submenu .dropdown-menu{
        display: none;

This ensures that your submenus are hidden on collaps mode. If you hover (or click in Bootstrap 2.1) over them they will be shown via the basic bootstrap dropdown-menu styles and js.

Here you can find a Demo - jsfiddle (BT 2.0.2)

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