Converting array to string in Python

I used numpy to do this. I have a text file containing a series of numbers:

[  11.1   44.0   74.9  103.8  115.8
  157.0   170.1  208.4   239.9  296.8]

How do I convert the text file to:

11.10377777 44.03133786 74.9749492 103.83874619 115.83058441 157.0862515 170.10200524 208.4376871 239.90138829 296.86073327

stim = a[0,61:71] 
stim2 = a[0,21]
fname = 'blah'
f_events = open('L:\\directory\\' + blah + '.txt',"w")


use " ".join ... but you need to map your floats to string inside the join

with open('L:\\directory\\' + blah + '.txt',"w" ) as f_events:
    f_events.write(" ".join(map(str,stim-stim2)))  #this line :)

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