How to see which JVM an executable Jar is using?

The project uses a dll which has to be copied to JVM_HOME/bin directory. From the IDE the application works fine (the dll is copied in JAVA_HOME/jre/bin) but when I try to run the application directly, the dll is not found.


  1. It is not PATH env variable.
  2. Running it with double click results in "dll not found", but when calling with java -jar myJar.jar the application works fine.


In the Windows task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), you can open "View" -> "Select columns..." -> "Image path name". There are other nice options there, too, such as "Command Line" which also shows command line arguments.

Or you can use Process Explorer, where you can double-click a process to see image path, command line arguments, and much more.

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