How to combine embedded ruby with a ternary operator in a view

Currently I have in my view something like this:

   <% if item.status == nil %>
       <td><%= image_tag "/assets/nil.gif" %></td>
   <% else %>
       <% if item.status == "1" %>
           <td><%= image_tag "/assets/yes.gif" %></td>
       <% else %>
           <td><%= image_tag "/assets/no.gif" %></td>
       <% end %>
   <% end %>

Can I use a ternary operator here? I didn't know where to put the ? or the : when using this combination of embedded ruby and html.


<%= 1 == 1 ? "one is one" : "one is two" %>
# outputs "one is one"


<%= image_tag "/assests/#{ item.status == "1" ? "yes" : "no"}.gif" %>

However, in this case, since you are testing three possible values in all, a switch statement inside a helper method might be best.

# app/helpers/items_help.rb

def gif_name(status)
  case status
  when nil
  when "1"

# app/views/items/action.html.erb

<td><%= image_tag "/assests/#{gif_name(item.status)}.gif" %></td>

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