Using div to redirect to php script

i have this div that i am using as a sort of button, most of the time, i just use it to redirect to another page, but this time, i want it to run some php before it redirects to the next page.

<div class="build_detail_option_ele_wrap" onclick="location.href="builders_checkout.php";"></div>

Could i just make it redirect to builders_checkout.php, which creates some sessions etc... and then from there redirect to the end page.

(I know i could do this easier through using a submit button instead, but circumstances mean i can't use one here. )

Is this a good idea, or are there negatives to doing this?



Since no one has actually given the (obvious) solution:

<a class="build_detail_option_ele_wrap" href="builders_checkout.php"></a>

Add this to your CSS, and it won't be visibly different:

a.build_detail_option_ele_wrap {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: inherit;
    display: block;

There's nothing "wrong" with it, but you'd have better results if you used an <a href="..."> tag (optionally, set style="display:block" to make it behave like a <div>).

If you are insistant on a <div>, use single quotes around the builders_checkout.php string.

Pass a querystring on your url containing the page you should redirect after that script. I used next.

 ... builders_checkout.php?next=lol_page.php ...

In your builders_checkout.php, use something like this in the end of your script:

// if next is set, we will redirect it to next value (lol_page.php);
     header('Location: ' . $_GET['next']);

If you any question or problem to understand that, just ask.

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