sed: properly replace lines containing paths via bash script

I am trying to write a bash script that will do backup-based DUPLICATE database (Oracle) from Production to Development host. One of the steps is to take a copy of the Production database pfile, edit it properly and then power-up a new instance on another host. I am having difficulties to do the following on my bash script:

Production pfile: (single line taken as an example, all others are the same)


Let's say that the above line should be changed completely to:


I've had a look at the examples on StackOverflow, but I really can't understand them. Can someone please help me on that?

Many thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thanks a lot guys. This worked out like a charm. Topic Answered.


If it's exactly as you pasted in the question, you can use sed to substitute:

sed -i "s@audit_file_dest='/u01/app/grid/admin/orcl11/adump'@audit_file_dest='/u02/another/path'@" your_file

if you just need to change the single line in your question, @leafei 's line works for you.

if you want to customize your "pfile", like: change



nameB='oldB' #here perhaps you want to keep the old value

you could try this:

awk  'BEGIN{s="\x27";FS=OFS="="}{if($1=="nameA"){print $1,s"newA"s;next;} if($1=="nameC"){print $1,s"newC"s;next;}}1' pfile


kent$  echo "nameA='oldA'
nameC='oldC'"|awk  'BEGIN{s="\x27";FS=OFS="="}{if($1=="nameA"){print $1,s"newA"s;next;} if($1=="nameC"){print $1,s"newC"s;next;}}1'

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