is it possible to run drupal 6 on mysql 5.6

Currently my website is running on MySQL version 5.2 with drupal 6 and now i want to upgrade both apache server and MYSQL database.

New Apache server Version = 2.2.3 MySql Version = 5.6

will my site works on MySQL 5.6


Normally you will not have any problem but it depends on the modules that you have installed. Because MySQL 5.6 has a lot of new reserved words it is possible that a module will fail.

The best way to test it, is to create a backup of your site and create a local version in your machine.

Yes, sure. Drupal requirements:

Web server

  • Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS

Database server

  • Drupal 5: MySQL 3.23.17 or higher
  • Drupal 6: MySQL 4.1 or higher, PostgreSQL 7.1,
  • Drupal 7: MySQL 5.0.15 or higher with PDO, PostgreSQL 8.3 or higher with PDO, SQLite 3.3.7 or higher
  • Note: Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are supported by an additional module


  • Drupal 5: PHP 4.4.0 - 5.2.x (5.2 recommended, 5.3 not supported)
  • Drupal 6: PHP 4.4.0 or higher (5.2 recommended)
  • Drupal 7: PHP 5.2.5 or higher (5.3 recommended)
  • Drupal 8: PHP 5.3.3

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