DevExpress ComboBoxEdit datasource

I am using DevExpress ComboBoxEdit and I need to bind list to its datasource. But as I can see there is no method to add datasource to control, so I added each item to control one by one like

foreach (var item in list) {

It worked for but it is slow if there is lot of data. Is there a way where I can bind list directly to control?


There is no way to bind the ComboBoxEdit directly to the datasource because the ComboBoxEdit is designed to be used when you need a simple predefined set of values. Use the LookUpEdit when you need to use a datasource. You can use the the ComboBoxItemCollection.BeginUpdate and ComboBoxItemCollection.EndUpdate methods to prevent excessive updates while changing the item collection:

ComboBoxItemCollection itemsCollection = comboBoxEdit1.Properties.Items;
try {
    foreach (var item in list) 
finally {

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