create if doesn't exist function in ActiveRecord?

I'm using Rails 3.2.8. I need to create a status record if a status record doesn't already exist. If a status record exists, I don't do anything. So my code is something like this:

user_level_status = UserLevelStatus.where(user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id).first
if !user_level_status
  UserLevelStatus.create(user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id, status: UserLevelStatus::READY)

Is there a better way to handle this in Rails/ActiveRecord? Is there an equivalent mechanism as find_or_create_by_? Can I use find_or_create_by_user_id and also check for level_id? I would just be discarding the results so even that's not so elegant.


Yes there is.

Rails 3
user_level_status = UserLevelStatus.find_or_create_by_user_id_and_level_id(user_id, level_id)
Rails 4:
user_level_status = UserLevelStatus.find_or_create_by(user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id)

And you should set the default status in your model.

You should use

UserLevelStatus.where(user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id).first_or_create(status: UserLevelStatus::READY)

Use find_or_create_*

hash = {user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id, status: UserLevelStatus::READY}

EDITED For your case you should use following

hash = {user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id}
UserLevelStatus.find(:first, :conditions => hash) || UserLevelStatus.create(hash.merge({status: UserLevelStatus::READY}) 

Another alternative is

UserLevelStatus.where(user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id).first ||
  UserLevelStatus.create(user_id: user_id, level_id: level_id, status: UserLevelStatus::READY)

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