XPages loading time in the Firefox with richtext

i created an XPage with an richtext editor an an datepicker. When i open documents with this XPage and change from the read to the edit mode. It will takes (without cache) 5-10 secconds to load (chrome just take 0,5 secconds).

The problem is as you can see, it will load a lot of dojo ressources. It only happends while the richtext editor or/and the datepicker are in the XPage.

Is there a way to tell the domino server to send the dojo lib as one compressed file? Or is there another solution to solve this problem.


UPDATE the property xsp.resources.aggregate=true does not work for this problem.


You can use "Use runtime optimized javascript and CSS ressources". This option can be found on the Application Properties, Section "XPages". This will add the parameter


to your xsp.properties file and enables the feature for you whole application.

Alternativly you can enable this feature for one XPage only by adding this lines to the XPages source code:

    <xp:parameter name="xsp.resources.aggregate" value="true" />

finally i found the problem. It will only cause if the editbutton makes a partial update on a panel with a document and a richtext editor inside. If i make a full refresh it will load the compressed files.

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