Get real IP of visitor, better trust real_ip or forwared_for?

I want something to determine the real IP address of the visitor.

The script includes both X_REAL_IP and X_FORWARDED_FOR. I'm just wondering which one I should check first to get the best possible result?

Any thought?

[edit] I'll be more specific.

How and when Nginx can set both w_real_ip and x_forwarded_for? Which one should I read when both are set? Does it depend on server configuration?


You need check both of them. REMOTE_ADDR - Real or Proxy IP X_REAL_IP and X_FORWARDED_FOR - proxy headers. Not all proxy set them.

X-Forwared-For is header where proxy servers usually add client addresses: ",,". The variable $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for does this addition. X-Real-IP is non standard header, where nginx sets client addresses.

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