htaccess and its usage to allow access of a url to android user using my application

I am a newbie for this security purpose and php files

I came to know about htaccess when i saw my files and databases are not secure.

I am filling listview in Android application from JsonArray parsing.This JsonArray is coming from Server when a specific URL is clicked on android application There is a php file on server and there i have echoed the result . Now the problem is with the data access .When I use that url on PC from browser ,It prints all the data on the browser. NOw how can I give access to only those user who are using my android application. I have heard of htaccess file but dont know how to use it and write it Or is there any other way to secure or get rid of direct accessing from browser


You can use htaccess file but I think there better way. .htaccess file is fine-tuning ruleset for Apache server. It can reprogram request completely. I use it normally with Static files. But in your case dynamic php page. Which means you can pass a security session key. When people login to your app they create session key. SSID This will be alive for some limited amount of time. like 1 hour. And every request required it. No correct SSID means no data.

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