Security when getting data from MySQL/PHP via JSON in XCode

I’m making a company pricelist app for the iPhone.

Most of my application is finished, except for the “security” part.

I use PHP to extract from the SQL database, and encode it as JSON. All this is fine, except….

I would like to protect my pricelist data from others not accessing the URL request from a browser. I’m not a great web / php programmer and I’m not sure how to implement this on the serverside.

For now I have just made a user/password in the URLRequest like

In the PHP I have then made something like

IF user and pass in user database then Select * from components where comp like &Comp

However, this request shows my login in the URL string, an what is somebody sniffs this string ? I guess this is fairly easily possible ?

I have read a bit about SSL and HTTPS, but I’m not sure how to implement it on the serverside.

Anybody knows about good documentation, or can lead me in the right direction ? Maybe a tutorial hidden somewhere on the net (I have searched, but maybe not used the correct words). Anybody


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