CSS only thumbnail slider

I'm trying to make a thumbnail which on hover will move it's image (that's longer that the wrapper) all the way to the left using only css and using the img element and not a div with background-image.

The problem I have is that i don't know how could I find how much to move it given the fact that the images have different widths.

I did a demo where the left image moves correctly because I calculated how much it needs to be moved and the right image with the same css moving incorrectly: http://jsfiddle.net/g5JGd/1


It's not clear why you're restricting yourself to manipulating the img element alone and not exploring more usual background-image sprite-like hover event manipulations.

Take a look at this Codrops article and their demo's here (note there are 5 demo's in the menu).

The techniques offered don't produce the exact end result you're after, but they do include the structure for the type of events and manipulations you'd need to use.

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