Getting value of a list in Python

I have a list which contains 2 dictionaries as follows:

accuracy=[{'value':1,'key':'apple'}, {'value':2,'key':'orange'}]

I have a code like the below:

for fruit in accuracy:
    print fruit

The above code will give the following result:

{'value':1,'key':'apple'} {'value':2,'key':'orange'}

But i want something like this:

If i give name=fruit.key the output should be name=apple and same in the case for orange also and If i give name=fruit.value the output should be value=1 and similar case for other fruit too. how can I achieve this.I know the above code i.e; name=fruit.key wont produce my desired result.So is there anyway to get it?please help


You can do it like that:

accuracy=[{'value':1,'key':'apple'}, {'value':2,'key':'orange'}]
for fruit in accuracy:
    print 'name={key}'.format(**fruit)
    print 'value={value}'.format(**fruit)

I believe this meets your needs. You can read more on Python's string formatting (str.format() method) here:

Using dot notation

@mgilson mentioned another possibility, which may meet your requirements more. Although I believe this is an overkill in this case (why do it just to change notation?), it may be interesting to some, so I add it below:

# Here is the special class @mgilson mentioned:
class DotDict(dict):
    def __getattr__(self, attr):
        return self.get(attr, None)

accuracy=[{'value':1,'key':'apple'}, {'value':2,'key':'orange'}]    
for fruit in accuracy:
    # Convert dict to DotDict before passing to .format() method:
    print 'name={fruit.key}'.format(fruit=DotDict(fruit))

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