Why string is not printing correctly?

I have created a user type in oracle

create or replace type my_friend_list 
table of 

Now i have written a procedure which has a output parameter like this :

  PROCEDURE friends_diff_prc
   my_name IN VARCHAR2,
   friend_i   IN my_friend_list ,
   good_friend_o   OUT my_friend_list ,
   best_friend_o   OUT my_friend_list ,
   isSuccess         OUT NUMBER 

I run it on SQLDeveloper And it is running correctly .

And it is giving me list both of my good friends and best friends.

But when i am calling it through JAVA Class which is extending StoredProcedure.

best_friend list is correcly coming but for the good_friend list it is printing


My java code to fetch this output arraylist is like this:

List<String> goodfriends = Arrays.asList((String[]) results.get("good_friend_o");
List<String> bestfriends = Arrays.asList((String[]) results.get("best_friend_o");

Why it is not giving correct result for good_friends ?

Thanks in advance.


Your Getting the answer as Array of String, and then storing in a String of List.. You cannot store the String[] into String straightly.

can you post the, java code for fetching and printing...

Try this code. This will print the strings

System.out.println("Printing goodfriends");
for (Object object : goodfriends) {
    Object[] goodfriendsString = (Object[]) object;
    for (Object object2 : objLocationVO) {

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