WCF Service not running without Administrator rights

I am new to WCF. I have a WCF service which I am hosting in a WPF application, while running the service it requires admin rights. Every time I have to right click the application which host my service and select "Run As Administrator". How can I make the service run on Windows 7?


I could not get what exactly my question was but I got a work around. Admin rights are needed only if you are suing http bindings with WCF. I switched to netTcpBinding and it worked for me. Its not exactly what I asked, but worked for me. May be it will help someone facing similar issues.

Try using a higher port. Low ports may only be opend with administrative rights.

You might also have to use NETSH:

In cmd promt enter:


add urlacl url=http://+:8732/ user=DOMAIN\user

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