How can I go to a specific tab after a click event using jquery?

How can I go to a specific tab after a click event, I tried $("#tabs").tabs() since every time I refresh it go back to its original but still does not work, what is the right way of doing it?

Here's my jquery code:

$(function() {
    $("#btn").click(function() {
    //what to put here?
    //I tried this but do not work, since i notice every refresh it go back to its original tab

Here's my HTML Code:

<div id="tabs">
<li><a href="#login">Login</a></li>
<li><a href="#register">Register</a></li>
<div id="login">
<div id="register">


You can use the select method of jquery ui tabs:

$(function() {
    $("#btn").click(function() {
        $("#tabs").tabs("select", "mytab"); // will switch to mytab

give this a try : $('#tabs').triggerTab(2);//2 here is the register tab

Initialize a tabs with the selected option specified.

$( ".selector" ).tabs({ selected: 3 });

Get or set the selected option, after init.

var selected = $( ".selector" ).tabs( "option", "selected" );
$( ".selector" ).tabs( "option", "selected", 3 );

You can store the latest tab in a Cookie without too much extra code:

$( ".selector" ).tabs({ cookie: { expires: 30 } });

It'll always then return to the last tab you were on.

Then to go to a specific tab:

$( ".selector" ).tabs( "option", "selected", 3 );

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