PHP function json_decode decodes float value with zeros after point as int

I have a JSON string that contains some key with the following value: 123.00. When I use json_decode function I get the decoded string where the previous key equal to 123, not to 123.00. Is there a way to correct decode such values without wrapping into quotes?


This is currently being brought up as a PHP bug:

Bug Report:

In the future, there may be functionality to pass a flag through the options parameter for stricter typing. For now, however, wrapping it in quotes will have to suffice.

I do not think it is possible!

number_format($number, 2) 

output the number through that?

//convert the json to a string before json_decode
$res = preg_replace( '/next_cursor":(\d+)/', 'next_cursor":"\1"', $json );

You can use the JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING option, for example:

$json = json_decode($input, true, 512, JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING);

Careful though, this only works with PHP 5.4+!

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