xinha editor enabiling GetHtml

Does anyone know how to enable GetHtml in xinha editor?

I tried to implement this:

GetHtml is a replacement for the getHTML() function in htmlarea.js. It offers several improvements over the original, including:

  • Produces valid XHTML code
  • Formats code in HTML view in indented, readable format.
  • Much faster than HTMLArea.getHTML()
  • Eliminates many hacks to accomodate browser quirks
  • Returns correct code for Flash objects and scripts
  • Preserves formatting inside script and pre tags
  • You can enable this by setting xinha_config.getHtmlMethod to "TransformInnerHTML"

But I didn't understand very well and this is my attempt:

var xinha_plugins =

I just added the plug-in to the plug-ins library above(like my code), but the plug-ins didn't work! I need to insert flash in xinha editor.


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