Strange Flash Compiler Errors

I am making a very simple slideshow.. I have made others with the same script with no errors. This is a simple slideshow with 7 buttons at the bottom to jump to various points in the show.

I get the following errors if I type ANYTHING in my actions pane, written exactly as they are shown:

Scene 1, Layer 'Actions, Frame 1, Line 1 1023: Incompatible Override. Scene 1, Layer 'Actions, Frame 1, Line 1 1023: Incompatible Override. Scene 1, Layer 'Actions, Frame 1, Line 1 1021: Duplicate Function Definition. MainTimeline, Line 1 1000: Ambiguous Reference to frame1.

Regardless of what I put in the script it triggers those errors. Even if all I enter is a basic command and even if it is commented out as shown: //stop;

Here is my script:



function showpic1(Event:MouseEvent):void{

function showpic2(Event:MouseEvent):void{

function showpic3(Event:MouseEvent):void{

function showpic4(Event:MouseEvent):void{

function showpic5(Event:MouseEvent):void{

function showpic6(Event:MouseEvent):void{

function showpic7(Event:MouseEvent):void{


You should use lowercase "event" to name your variable in each of the listeners. "Event" is a class name, while "event" is an unused identifier which you can use as a variable.

function showpic1(event:MouseEvent):void{

The error means you have probably copied and pasted these functions elsewhere on the same timeline. Incompatible override happens when you have two functions with the same name, but different sets of arguments and return type. Most likely you've declared a function that uses the name of a built-in function. Duplicated function definition means that you have declared the same function twice, literally. Ambiguous reference is the result of the former: but this is so because your code was used in a template where the result of using it in the template have created an ambiguity. The functions with names frame# are generated by Flash CS for navigating between the frames.

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