Saving data from to Postgres database not via WFS-T

Technique of spatial data editing via web browser described in this tutorial is extreamly easy:

Ext, GeoExt, OpenLayers Geoserver and WFS-T do all dirty job, and you do not have to code anything server side. All UPDATE, INSERT & DELETE queries to database are done by via WFS-T.

Is there something like this for non-spatial data? What will handle store-to-database communication as good as WFS-T? Abovementioned solution is also good for non-spatial data but I would like to avoid using geoserver all the time:)


There are a number of tools for loading data into PostGIS.

  1. ogr2ogr utility in GDAL is a commandline utility
  2. QGIS is a desktop GIS client that can do CRUD on PostGIS
  3. FME is commercial software that can also do data editing in PostGIS

Lots to choose from

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