SQL Server Equivalent of Bulk Collect in Oracle

I want to replicate the following code in SQL Server. I've had a look around and it seems like the only option is to just use a straight cursor, but is there a better way:


    CURSOR cursor1 IS
    SELECT *
    FROM table1;

    TYPE cursor_aat IS TABLE OF cursor1%ROWTYPE;        

    l_cursor cursor_aat;
    OPEN cursor1;


        FETCH cursor1
        BULK COLLECT INTO l_cursor LIMIT 200;

        FOR INDX IN 1 .. l_cursor.COUNT LOOP
            IF (CheckSomeData() = 0) THEN           
                INSERT INTO new_table
                (col1, col2)
                (l_cursor(INDX).col1, l_cursor(INDX).col2);

                INSERT INTO new_table2

            end if

        END LOOP;

        EXIT WHEN l_cursor.COUNT < 200;


You could use a temporary table and a cursor if you want to do 200 rows at once.

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