How to set “use-commit-times” config option at repository level in SVN to retain modification timestamp on files

Whether "use-commit-times" needs to be set to yes on every client m/c config file OR is there any option to centralize this on Subversion installation directory?.


There is no mechanism in Subversion to do this. use-commit-times is a client-side setting, not a server configuration.

What kind of computer/network do you have? Is it Windows + Active Directory? If so, you can use Group Policy Preferences to push a standard SVN configuration out to every workstation. In the case of Windows, SVN client configuration can be done as either a file, or in the Registry.

If this is Unix/Linux environment, you can use a script to push a standard SVN config file out.

Keep in mind there is both a system-wide SVN config file, and a per-user SVN config file. Not sure which one would be a better fit for your setup. (info about the config file)

In our environment, we use Group Policy to deploy a standard SVN config file to all the engineering workstations with some common items like default global-ignores.

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