Please recommend a good D-Bus tutorial (Linux C GTK+)

Yes, I have done a search yet found only partly working stuff. It seems to be a real maze. E.g.:

  • Why do they even use g_main_loop_run()? Is it really necessary when the GTK+ program has already entered the main loop by gtk_main()?
  • How should the path, the interface name and the signal name look like when invoking such functions like dbus_bus_request_name(), dbus_message_new_signal(), dbus_bus_add_match(), dbus_message_is_signal() ...?
  • How afterwards should the names be correctly set in the /etc/dbus-1/system.conf file to even allow the program to use the the D-Bus interface? Surprisingly all tutorials I found simply forget to mention at all you need to edit it.
  • How the messages could be caught asynchronously? Should it be done somehow like in a separate thread?

Please recommend any good GTK+ D-Bus example which could help to learn how to use it.


gtk_main is calling g_main_loop_run(), you should look into file gtk/gtkmain.c to find out.

Googling for dbug_bus_request_name gives several examples, notably dbus-example.c

And you should read a good gtk tutorial to have an idea of what signals and slots mean in the context of Gtk.

Googling for d-bus tutorial gives this dbus tutorial

At last, a good idea is to find and study the source code of the relevant free software. GtkApplication examples are calling dbus code.

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