Running Multiple Spring Projects with different Spring Versions on Eclipse

Configuration problem: You cannot use a spring-security-2.0.xsd or spring-security-3.0.xsd schema with Spring Security 3.1. Please update your schema declarations to the 3.1 schema.
Offending resource: class path resource [authentication-context.xml]

In my Eclipse workspace are a set of Mavenised Spring projects on Spring verion 3.0.6.. It's a fairly large, complicated application, about a year old, with a parent pom and 6/7 sub-poms for different components. I'll title it Project A for now. Project A has two webapps within it, a public based website and a backoffice administration area.

Recently a seperate application was built for Project A to interact with via REST calls. However this new application, Project B runs on Spring 3.1.1. This is in the same Eclipse workspace.

Project A's customer website and Project B ran fine on the same tomcat, there were no confused dependencies.

But now that development has started on Project A's backoffice interacting with Project B, there is a conflict, in the Spring security versions when Tomcat is launched.

Current solutions we've attempted have failed, but we haven't tried updating the

  • Spring version in Project A (fairly sure things will break and not sure it's worth the time retesting) and
  • downgrading Spring in Project B seems like a horrible precedent to set.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Any help is appreciated :-)


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