Can not run the functions of Microsoft's API Magnification in C

I took from this page:

This function example:

BOOL SetZoom(float magnificationFactor)
    // A magnification factor less than 1.0 is not valid.
    if (magnificationFactor < 1.0)
        return FALSE;

    // Calculate offsets such that the center of the magnified screen content 
    // is at the center of the screen. The offsets are relative to the 
    // unmagnified screen content.
    int xDlg = (int)((float)GetSystemMetrics(
            SM_CXSCREEN) * (1.0 - (1.0 / magnificationFactor)) / 2.0);
    int yDlg = (int)((float)GetSystemMetrics(
            SM_CYSCREEN) * (1.0 - (1.0 / magnificationFactor)) / 2.0);

    return MagSetFullscreenTransform(magnificationFactor, xDlg, yDlg);

And I just did - Copy - Paste into Dev-C++

But when I compile this code I get an error:

'BOOL' does not name a type 

What did I do wrong?


First of all, the error message is telling you that the compiler doesn't know what BOOL means. This is not a built-in keyword in C++. Windows programs often use BOOL because it is defined in the windows.h header file. In order to use it, you must #include this file.

To explain a little bit further, the example code as given is not meant to be a complete program. There are several pieces missing in order to compile and run it:

  1. You need to #include <windows.h>.

  2. You need a main() or a WinMain() function which tells the computer where your program starts. Usually WinMain() is used for Windows programs and often contains a loop to start event handling.

  3. (optionally) You need a WinProc() function if you want to handle events and create a UI.

This assumes using the WinAPI. If you want to use MFC instead, you need similar setup code, but I am unfamiliar with the details. Programming with the WinAPI or MFC is fairly complex. You first need to learn the ins and outs of the C and/or C++ languages before venturing into this area.

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