Doctrine 2 - Get Entity manager from class

I can't figure out how it is best to get the Doctrine Entity Manager from my service layers, and template controller..

I thinking of making a singleton so i always can get the Entity manager, but is it the right way to do it?

Updated: I'll take an example

class Auth
    const USER_ENTITY_NAME = 'Entities\User';

    private $isVerified = FALSE;

    public static function login($email, $password, $em, $rememberMe = false)
        if(empty($email) OR empty($password))
            // new login response


        if($user = (self::getUser($email, $password, $em) !== null))
            $sreg = SessionRegistry::instance();
            $sreg->set("user_id", $user->getId());
        return $user;

    public static function getUser($email, $password, $em)
        return $em->getRepository(
            USER_ENTITY_NAME );

What i cant figure out is where i should get the user from? so i doesn't have to send the entity manager as an parameter.


Choose dependency injection over singleton.

I don't know which environment are you using Doctrine in, but I assume it being MVC - then any Controller should have access to the entity manager, either by passing it as a constructor argument, either by injecting it with a setter.

This way you can fetch stuff from the controller, and pass it to the Auth class eventually.

Anyway I think that authorization doesn't need an external class - I'd just write a loginAction method in a controller, get username and password from HTTP request and make the usual considerations [fetch the user / check if password is right], then store something in session in case of succesful login.

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