How do you hide the _static directory from Sphinx's search index in a Python project?

In a Sphinx project, how does one prevent documents in the _static directory of the project from appearing in the project search results?


There is no configuration option for excluding files in a particular directory from the search index.

However, you can do it by modifying the IndexBuilder.feed() method. One of the arguments to this method is doctree (an instance of the Docutils document class). The path to the .rst document being processed is the value of doctree.attributes['source'].

Add the following monkey patch to

from import IndexBuilder, WordCollector

def feed(self, filename, title, doctree):
    """Feed a doctree to the index."""

    # Patch: if '_static' is in the path, don't use the file to 
    # populate the search index
    source = doctree.attributes["source"]
    if "_static" in source:

    self._titles[filename] = title

    visitor = WordCollector(doctree, self.lang)

    def add_term(word, stem=self.lang.stem):
        word = stem(word)
        if self.lang.word_filter(word):
            self._mapping.setdefault(word, set()).add(filename)

    for word in self.lang.split(title):

    for word in visitor.found_words:

IndexBuilder.feed = feed

Tested with Sphinx 1.1.3.

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